Happy Birthday! Mary Seacole Day Nursery…

I had to go to work when my baby was not one. Oh no! My little honey! Wish you could stay with mum! So I put her in a nursery – Mary Seacole is its name. I could not have made a better choice – and here I will explain. Our children get all that they need in this amazing place. They get warmth and love and cuddles; they get rules and they get space. They get songs and rhymes and stories. They paint, they stick, they draw. They get messy play and outdoor play and sandpit play and more. The food is hot and tasty and freshly cooked each day. They’re nourished and encouraged in every single way. But how does all this happen? Who helps our children grow?

It’s the Mary Seacole staff – they’re the ones who run the show. They are calm and kind and patient; professional – every one – Experienced, hard-working, friendly, funny, fun. They guide our children clearly. They’re smart and they are wise. We can see our babies flourish, right before out very eyes. But something else is going on, which you can’t find elsewhere.

It’s great and open-hearted love; it’s respect and time and care. It’s the ethos of acceptance of our super variations. It’s the way we seem to be like Reading’s own United Nations! And when Mary Seacole did her work, all those years ago, She set this fine example so that all of us could know The value of true strength, of care for one and all, Of paying close attention to each person, large or small. For 18 years the lucky ones have passed through this nursery’s doors. Many are still growing, some are now mature. They’ve had the greatest start in life-that really is the key.

Thank you, Esther! Thank you, all! Thanks tremendously!

From caterpillar to Chrysalis- you’re now a butterfly.

From hard and tough beginnings, Mount Pleasant feels just fine.

So from every happy parent, from every girl and boy,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY SEACOLE! You are Reading’s pride and joy!
Written by Parent
Emily F
With Love & thanks. X X X
February 2010

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